1967- 1998

Principal flutist at
the Orchestre National de France, and
the Orchestre de Paris

Professor at
the Paris National Conservatory

1961 Prize winner at the International
Music competition in Geneva, Switzerland.


SANKYO 18K-5 Flute with 24K NRS-1 head joint


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Alain Marion,one of the greatest flute virtuoso of our day was born in Marseille, France, in 1938. As a boy he studied with Joseph Rampal(the father of Jean-Pierre) graduating from the Marseille Conservatoire at the age of 14. At the time he went to Paris to continue studying with Jean-Pierre Rampal. In 1961 he was a prizewinner at the International Music Competition at Geneva.

He was a founding member of the Orchestre de Paris then became solo flutist with the Orchestre National de France. His concert tours took him across Europe, Japan, North America, Central America and North Africa.

He was a Flute Professor at the Paris Conservatory and recorded extensively and appeared as soloist at several National Flute Association conventions in the United States. His sudden death in Seoul, Korea in August, 1998 saddened the international music community.



I have been using SANKYO flutes since 1975. When I played this flute for the first time, I could feel the adeptness and quality of the instrument. Over the years many improvements have been made. New head joints and materials have been incorporated as well as enhancements in projection,nuance and intonation. Innovative developments have resulted in the 5K, 18K and 24K Gold flutes. These changes have also resulted in an ingenious clutch system for B & C, a unique NEL System, refined cork system and the extraordinary SANKYO Scale. In addition, a new computer controlled fabrication system have been installed to insure quality control and precision on all parts. On behalf of all flute players, regardless of age, level or nationality, I wish to express our sincere gratitude to SANKYO for providing us with such opportunity to enhance our art.Currently, I am using an 18K gold body SANKYO with a 24K gold NRS-1 Head joint.