Professor at
Real concervatorio Superior de Musica de Madrid

Concervatorio Superior de Musica
Joaquin Rordigo in Valencia


SANKYO 14K Flute



Alcass 28-10-1962 (Valencia). 
Flute Player, Conductor and composer.

He studied flute career at "concervatorio Superior de Musica de Valencia", being Jesu's Campos his professor. He also studied in Madrid with the great player Andres Carreres and later in France, with Raymond Guiot and Alain Marion. And in Englan, with Geoffrey Gilbert and Trevor Wye. During 1982 he was ellected to be flutist at " Orquestra Sinfonica de Asturias" and in 1986 he starts playing for the " Ministerio de Educaciony Ciencia".

He has been professor at " Juan de Antxieta " and " Julian Gayarre " concervatories in Bilbao and also at " Conservatorio Superio de Musica de Salamanca " Since 1987 he is flute professor at "Real concervatorio Superior de Musica de Madrid" also since 1999 at " Concervatorio Superior de Musica Joaquin Rordigo " in Valencia as services commission.

He has performed with the Orquesta Sinconica de Bilbao, Filarmonica de Gran anaria, Sinfonica de Valencia, Capilla Real, Comunidad de Madrid, and Orquesta Nacional de Espana.

He has recorded with RNE, Radio Euskadi and a collection of flute Spanish Music from XIX century for the label " Piccolo " recently being the result from his reserching works during last years. Likewise, he has revised and edited this music at different Publishing Companies Madrid and Valencia. He also has published several books regarding the history of flute in Spain, besides other books about band history and general music from his nature village. He reached a master in Musical Creativity and Aesthetic and also in Advanced Studies by " Universitat de Valencia ". Furthermore these activities, Joaquin Gerico's engaged in composition and conduction.

His "13 Estudios sin opus para flauta sola" are a valious contribution to the pedagogy of this instrument. He also has several works for band and orchestra and he is the conductor of flute orchestras at Valencia Superieur Conservatoire. Likewise, he teaches improvement courses and lectures frequently and he continues working as concert player.

He was founder from Flutis Spanish Association in 1989.