SANKYO 18K flute
with 24K Head joint





He received his musical education in Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Cologne and Paris. In his formative years, Gerard Schaub (Gothenburg) inspired him. Later close contact with Alain Marion in Paris were especially fruitful, as was the study with the Amadeus Quartet who taught chamber music in Cologne.For many years resident in Germany and France he was active as an orchestra principal player. Since 1985 he lives in Malm wh, wh, where he teaches as senior lecturer at the Malm Academy of Music/Lund University. His musical activities are versatile: besides teaching - he is a sought-after teacher and lecturer abroad at academies such as Adelaide, Ellivuori, Helsinki, Lausanne, Manchester, Nice, Oxford, Paris.



It is an honor and pleasure to recommend the Sankyo flutes to everybody playing the flute. Since twenty years I have always - when someone asked me the question "which flute shall I buy?" - answered that you better try out a Sankyo flute before you decide anything else. The reason for this is the outstanding quality of the Sankyo flutes. It has a most beautiful, mellow, dynamic and expressive sound, a perfect intonation and balance between the three octaves of the flute; it has a very fast and precise attack, and, on top of this it is a flute with an elegant and attractive design. As a flute player you can't ask for more and it fulfils in a brilliant way the four criteria set up by Marcel Moyse concerning the ideal flute sound: I) pure tone, II) exact intonation, III) alive sound, and IV) tonal color. All the different models I have tried of Sankyo flutes ranging from student models up to the most sophisticated golden flutes have always been of an extraordinary quality. To this I would like to add the outstanding quality of the Sankyo alto flute, and the Flauto d' Amore which since short time has been available. The latter is a most attractive flute with an enchanting sonority which merits to be introduced in the repertoire of the flute recital. Finally I am happy to recommend the Sankyo flute to all flute players around the world. My own Sankyo flute, which is the best flute I ever had, has a body of 18 carat gold and a head joint of 24 carat gold.