Berliner Sinfonic Orchestra
Principal Flutist

Mr. Pirmin Grehl

Vienna State Oper

Mr. Wolfgang Zuser

After obtaining the raw material called,
Grenadilla, it is left to air dry for 10 year.

The material then goes through another stringent screening process and only one third of the material finally ends up being formed into a flute.

Created with the careful application of time and energy, the sound, which can be said to be the original sound of the flute, expends a sense of maturity.

The tube is relatively thick at 4.2mm. A selection can be made from three types of mouthpieces.


Body Grenadilla

Tubing 4,2mm

Key Mechanism = Silver

Spring 10K white Gold


Head Joint Choices:

[TC-Traditional Cut]
This mouthpiece is a classical type that produces a soft sound that the wooden pipe is known for.

[MC-Modern Cut]
A sharp buidup and powerful sound are characteristics of this mouthpiece

[LP-with LipPlate]
The tone from this mouthpiece has a balanced overall sound and is comportable to use.