Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra in Munich
Principal Flutist

Mr. Philippe Boucly

Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra

Ms. Young-Ji Song

Tokyo Geidai

Ms. Yumiko Sakuma

Paris Conservatory Professor

Mr. Alain Marion (1938-1998)


With a smooth and gently dynamic tone,

This flute boasts a breath of expressive power
that follows the 24K.




0.3 mm Tubing

Soldered Tone holes
Drawn-up Tone holes

NEL or E-mechanism


Head joint, Body, Foot joint, and Ring = 18K Gold
Keys, Posts and Ribs= Sterling silver

Head joint, Body, Foot joint,
Ring and Posts and Ribs= 18K Gold

Keys = Sterling silver

ALL 18K Gold



All 18K Gold