Academy of Music and
Performing Arts in Stuttgart

Professor. Jean-Claude Gerard

Mariinsky Theather
Principal Flutist

Mr. Denis Lupachev

Berlin Komische Oper
Principal Flutist

Ms. Christina Fassbender


While possessing a deep and rich sound,

This flute has a brilliancy true to the gold.




0.3 mm Tubing

Soldered Tone holes
Drawn-up Tone holes

NEL or E-mechanism


Head joint, Body, Foot joint,
and Ring = 14K Gold
Keys, Posts and Ribs= Sterling silver

Head joint, Body, Foot joint,
Ring and Posts and Ribs= 14K Gold
Keys = Sterling silver

ALL 14K Gold



14K Gold with Silver keys conbination
(14K-3, 14K-4)


All 14K Gold